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All release notes
"Allow more fields in database" field limit
"Convert tabs to spaces" option should be disabled
"File->New->Distribution List" not updating Outlook Address Book
"Optimize LDAP queries" change beginning in R5.0.2
"Welcome Page" users can switch to another predefined Web page
'Use Outline' on Windows 2000
@SetTargetFrame and pre-defined target names
5.0.2 and later allow user registration on pre-R5 servers
5.05 DOLS: Live console can't display Off-Line service
A change to one Operating System Platform category
Accessing the current document in LotusScript classes
Accessing Web pages via Notes' Welcome Page with IE 5.5
ACLEntry.isAdminReaderAuthor incorrectly returns false
Action Bar applet - known issues
Added support for the Japanese code (R5.0.8)
Adding administrator to mail file ACL during migration (R5.0.1)
Adding R4.6x server in Notes domain with R5 hub server
Additional items on Domino CD-ROMs
Additional items on Notes and Domino Designer CD-ROMs
Additions to the platforms and requirements for MAPI
Addressing mail to Internet contacts
Administering SSL applications on a Mac client
Administrators: Don't use FTV_Max_Fields or FTV_Fields_database
Adminp fails to write public key during recertification/expiration
AdminP now supports updates to Private Design Elements (R5.0.5)
Admins must name a directory catalog in Notes.ini
AIX - Installing bos.alt.debug
AIX - More private memory data space available
AIX environment settings
AIX patch requirements